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Game News
Defenders of the Weak is a a small guild that currently do PVE, dungeons and has recently started PVP.

If your are interested in joining one of the PVP teams, please feel free to chat to one of the PVP officers.

We will be putting a raid team together soon. Please mail either the gm or one of the officers if you are interested. We will be running all raids, working our way up from vanilla all the way up to Cata. We will be doing these often, so do not worry if you are not ready this week to join a raid, you will get another chance later.

If you are a lower level character, don't worry. Please feel free to ask for help. If a higher character is available we will try and give boosts etc. Do not feel ashamed or scared to ask. After all we were all there at one stage or another.

Please feel free to drop me a line on suggestions etc.

Remember that we are all here to have fun.

So go out there and show them what it is to be a Defender!
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Guild ranks

Starlwow, Apr 11, 12 9:15 PM.
Good day all,

We will be looking into changing the way the ranks work. At the moment we have them according to level, but as one of my officers pointed out, this is not fair to lower levels that have worked hard, and then a higher level joins the guild and is instantly promoted.

The names will remain the same, we might make extra or remove a few, but we are looking into another promotion system.

There will be some obvious ones like :
Officers as well as PVP officer

2 new ranks that I will be implementing is an AFK rank for those members that have been inactive for a long iPod or those that know they will be away for a long period of time. This is purely a safety precaution and we do not want to lose our players that have worked hard to get the guild rep.

The other rank will be a sort of Time-out rank. This will be for those that either break a guild rule or might be causing a problem in the guild chat. It will be a short term "punishment" and once your sentence has been served, we will promote you back to your rank. However a repeat offender will be demoted to the lowest available rank, above the time out rank.

We will not be looking at the weekly or total rep each player has contributed to the guild as this is also unfair as a lower lvl is again at a disadvantage. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below. Everyone's input will be greatly appreciated and seriously looked at.

Long live the Alliance
Your GM alt


Starlwow, Aug 13, 10 2:52 AM.
Please can I ask all members to register on this website and ask to join the guild so that I may approve them. I will be changing some things settings soon so that only guild members can read them. They will all be public for now.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Starlwow, Aug 10, 10 1:17 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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